Good golf players tend to frequent the fairways going to the greens.

However, when it comes to us, the ones who are not as good, the way to the green covers a much larger space, including semirough, rough and beyond, where we go looking for our golf balls, which have gone there without our permission.

Sometimes we find our lost ball, but many, many times, they get lost forever in the bramble patch. Unless ... another player goes into the thicket in search of his lost ball.

He won't probably find it, but his search might be rewarded by finding a ball that has been sent there before by another player. Thus, the golf bags of bad players (or not so good) often contain a variety of different golf balls.

Having already amassed a significant amount of different balls, I've decided to ride this little golf ball album.

It has two sections, one with the brands and models golf balls and the other, with the customized golf balls with some kind of logo.

Access the collection of golf balls brands and models
Access the collection of customized logo golf balls